Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay some charges for the bookings?

No, you can schedule appointments completely free of cost. We do not charge any money for scheduling appointments in advance. So, you can enjoy our services for free.

Can I reschedule the appointment?
Yes, you can reschedule the appointment anytime depending on the free slots of the respective salon. You can look for all the vacant slots through our website and reschedule accordingly.
Do I need to pay for the cancellation?

No, we do not charge any money for cancellations. However, we insist on using our trusted services.

How can I know the best salon?

You can filter the salons using the filters given on our website. You can filter the list of salons based on their ratings given by users.

Can I book an appointment for a month?

Yes, you can book an appointment anytime based on your time availability. We do not limit any time constraints for you.

Do I need to log in through my laptop to make any appointments?

No, you can schedule a booking through any device (your smartphone/tablet/laptop) from anywhere at any time.